New Homeschooling Family

Well, we did it. If you’re familiar with me or my other blog then you might have read that I was considering pulling my 1st grade daughter out of school to start homeschooling her. Things at her current (or former) school were not getting any better and my husband and I saw our usually upbeat, sunny kid downtrodden.  When something is on my mind I find it helpful to hear lots of feedback, whether I like what I hear or not.  Of course, even though I got lots of advice I had to follow my heart.  I knew that my daughter was not thriving.

I want my daughter to thrive— and as long as I have some control over it I will do anything for her. I do have some control over her schooling— especially now.

So, there you have it.

You should also know that my husband was not 100% behind the idea. In fact he started off with something like, “Over my dead body.” His foot was down, and the book was closed. But, he came around after a 4 page pleading letter I wrote to him. We decided after one more meeting at our daughter’s school that we would pull her out and try homeschooling— at least for now. That’s his stipulation, you know, even though I have fallen in love with the idea of teaching my own.

We started homeschooling a week ago now and I think it’s going to be quite an adventure… so, why not chronicle it here!

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4 Responses to New Homeschooling Family

  1. Judy Kimberly says:

    I love it!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Lyza, congratulations and well done for following your heart. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures, homeschooling is something we’re considering too. xx

    • lyzamay says:

      Oh, wow, Hannah! I would recommend John Holt’s books if you’re considering it; I’m reading Teach Your Own and the preface alone was enough to convince me. He has lots of books so if you haven’t seen them then take a gander. Good luck with your decision.

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