What’s The Matter— with a Play-Doh Electron Cloud.

electron cloud and nucleus

I was thrilled to find science kits at our local library.  There are about 50 kits and they are a great introduction to science and chemistry. One of our local colleges provides them for the library; it’s called Passport to Chemistry Adventure and if she completes 5 kits by springtime then she’ll get to go on a scientific adventure at the college. I’m not even sure I heard of the word chemistry before 11th grade, so for my daughter to show an interest in it at 6 years old is great.

After our first week of homeschooling she said that her favorite subject was math. My daughter is a science and math geek? At 14 months when she started demanding what clothes she was going to wear, or on her 5th birthday when she wanted only musical instruments I could see the genetic influences. I never had any interest in science in high school or later— which made it all the more important to me that she had an early introduction.

I started panicking last year though when I saw other kids getting non-fiction books and all my daughter wanted was fantasy books. So, I did what any obsessively worried mother would do and I went out and got her a handful of story-telling science books— as light and breezy as you can get. The Let’s Read and Find Out About Science series sparked her interest in a variety of scientific related studies. Last year for her 6th birthday, all she wanted was science books (although she was a bit disappointed to get her wish).

It’s true what they say about children, they are sponges. It’s overwhelming to keep on top of all of her interests. Now that she isn’t in a school that left her unsupported and unstimulated she has endless amounts of energy too. A couple of energetic classes will be in order: dance, gymnastics, kung-fu, or swimming— or all of the above? I’d love to go for a brisk walk every morning, but I’m having a hard time motivating in wintertime. I’d like it to be at least 50 degrees.

I’m taking this first month to explore our options and her interests. We’re taking advantage of the library and don’t leave without at least 20 books in tow. I’m torn between curriculum-based learning and unschooling. I think in the end we’ll create our own child-led, project-based, with a few foundational building blocks thrown in curriculum. Although who has time for that when she wants to learn Spanish, French and Latin?

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