CamelotI am in love with my daughter’s imagination and I have always encouraged it. Sir Ken Robinson says that creativity is as important as literacy.

All I can say is— hell yeah!

My daughter loves to read and to be read to, when I said we check out 20 books each time we go to the library I underestimated the number, we’ve both hit our limit of 50 books. She borrowed a bookshelf’s worth of  Magic Tree House books and has them all lined up in order. She spent a half hour today organizing her books— I figure there’s some math in that.

She is also working on a story this week. Every day, she adds on to it. It’s definitely not school material and there are a lot of visits to restrooms in the story, but I don’t imagine that will carry on through life— just now, while she is 6 years old. She is writing a sequence of events and drawing pictures (all taking place in the restroom). It’s a creative non-fiction memoir…  a visit to see her older half-sister in New York City with her fictional little sister that she turned real.

Drawing is one of her favorite things to do, and we have her art work up all over the house. Two days ago for her grandfather’s birthday, she created a scene from Magic Tree House’s Camelot with Morgan Le Faye, King Arthur, Wizard Merlin, Queen Guinevere— and Teddy and Kathleen— and the Camelot Library. I told her we wouldn’t have time to get it done and she took it upon her self to make it while I made lunch.

While we’re studying, I give her a piece of paper to doodle on, which helps her excess energy and helps her to sit longer and concentrate. We’re definitely not sitting down each day for two hours going through a 4 subject curriculum. Some days we will spend two hours doing math and other days we’ll read books for 4 hours. Tonight, at the dinner table I drew a pie chart of the months of the year and talked about fractions and compared it to a clock. Then, she taught herself how to play a song on piano that she learned to sing in her Spanish class. After that, we sat down and looked through a book about the Olympics and read a picture book about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This was all after an ice skating party this afternoon.

I feel so lucky that I have an opportunity to hold my daughter close and spend so much time with her each day.

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2 Responses to Creativity

  1. Judy Kimberly says:

    such a delight!

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