Energy Through The Roof

IMG_7512All of my daughter’s high energy came surging back. I hadn’t realized— well, I had— that a poorly fitting school would take up all her energy. I told myself before I started homeschooling that I would get on a schedule and go for a walk every morning with my daughter. I have said it before, but the idea of bundling up in winter and going for a walk, well, somehow I don’t find the time to do it.

We did go for a walk last week, near my mom’s house, and we walked to a little pond.  Along the way, she made me observe things around us and pick up anything that looked interesting. When we arrived at the pond, there was a thin layer of ice and we tried and tried to break the ice by throwing broken branches, but it was pretty hard. She found some trees to climb in and on the way back we fed the neighbor’s horses and donkey some hay. I told her how much I enjoyed it.

In the new year, I would like to find a class for her. Whether it’s dance, gymnastics, kung fu or swimming, I don’t know because they all cost money— so maybe a walk is worth the savings— and experience.

It’s great to see her happiness coming back too. She’s still a little moody, but she has had quite a year of ups and downs. Maybe this time at home with mommy is just what she needs: to cry sometimes and cuddle lots.

We have met other homeschooling families, and it’s been great. Everyone seems so wise and the kids seem kind. But, large gatherings with a bunch of kids she doesn’t know, mixed ages, seems to be overwhelming to her right now.

It would be great to find a smaller gathering and I am sure we will in time. Right now, she wants to be with mom all the time.  I think it’s just re-bonding time.

And tomorrow… we will bundle up and go for a walk— even if it’s raining or snowing.

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2 Responses to Energy Through The Roof

  1. mskristiina says:

    Glad that it’s working out for you!

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