Starting The New Year Off on the Right Start

looking for rainbowsI was very pleased to make a schedule for January. I work part-time, so the reality of homeschooling was going to be a challenge. Also in December, my daughter was feeling the woes of not being in a social environment for six hours a day. Homeschooling veterans assured me that it would take time to “de-school” my family, and my husband homed in on the idea that our daughter wants to be in school.  I had to take action. Our January schedule has many social opportunities now— but when to learn and how?

I want homeschooling to work out and I know there will be an adjustment period. I took my cues from The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise and Teach Your Own by John Holt and Pat Farenga. Two totally opposite teaching philosophies. Welcome to my life— I love to complicate things.

My friend just started homeschooling her daughter, and her daughter is able to sit there for 3 hours and learn. Going through a curriculum with her will be easy (not that I am saying it will be without its challenges). My daughter? She is complicated, and definitely not a sit down and be told how to learn person. She wants to do everything her way—and thinks she knows everything. That’s where the free-range learning and project-based seem to be more her style. But, classical homeschooling seems remarkably refined to me. Of course the Well Trained Mind has a slew of books to buy to help— great—but, what if she hates them? Then, I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on books that she won’t touch.

I want to follow her lead, it’s just hard for me. I don’t want her to fall behind— and yet, in so many ways, she seems advanced. As I was writing this, she was in the other room writing too. Here is what she brought to me:


You can homeschool a kid any age. If you were to homeschool a 1st grader these are the books you need: What Your 1st Grader Needs to Know, The Well-Trained Mind, Free-Range Learning and Teach Your Own


She even put her commas in.

She excitedly read over my shoulder as I put her piece in my post. Then, she told me that I’m allowed to comment on her writing. What do I have to worry about? She has always known what she wants and the best way for her to learn is by self-motivation.

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2 Responses to Starting The New Year Off on the Right Start

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Change is hard, but your heart is in it. That makes such a difference. Best wishes with the homeschooling.

    Stopping by from SITS.

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